NCU Athletics Mission & Vision Statement


Athletics Mission Statement

North Central University Athletics seeks to develop student athletes in mind, body and spirit and instill lifelong leadership skills through fierce but fair competition and meaningful community service.  Above all else, we seek to reflect Christ in all we do.


Leadership – Competition – Service 

Athletics with a Purpose

At North Central University, the athletic program is an integral part of the total educational process. Through the forum of athletics, each participant is challenged to grow and develop in all aspects of their life. In accordance with the mission of the college, the athletic department is committed to excellence that seeks to prepare students to fulfill biblical models of leadership and ministry throughout the world.

At North Central, the athletic field is an extension of the classroom. Whether in practice or in game competition, athletics provide positive learning experiences and opportunity for the achievement of the college’s mission and goals. Each team exists as a “means to an end” for teaching, developing, and cultivating biblical values, character principles and skill development. The objective of our athletic program is to teach those principles not only needed in playing, but also in living.

The NCU athletic program seeks to be directly involved in the process of “perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12). Each area of athletic participation must be viewed from God’s point of view. Such biblical values as discipline, godliness, love, humility, and witness can be illustrated and modeled by one who uses his or her athletic endeavors as a training ground for personal and spiritual growth.

A second purpose of the athletic ministry at North Central is the teaching and building of Christian character. The process of “building” character involves all aspects of an individual’s life. We seek to instruct and challenge each participant to develop sound, biblical habits that will help them not only be successful in the athletic arena, but also in daily living. Character traits such as commitment, responsibility, dependability, citizenship, and sportsmanship can be learned by a purpose-minded athlete.

Furthermore, each sport program focuses on the essential skills needed to compete at the collegiate level. Skillful play is important. Specially trained coaches will challenge the athlete to improve and advance their sport abilities in order for them to play at a high level of proficiency and expertise. An athlete that understands the dedication and commitment needed to play at the championship level will undoubtedly experience a higher degree of satisfaction and joy.

Life applications must be made in order for athletics at NCU to be beneficial. There must be a transfer of learning. Our athletic department is committed to the preparation and implementation of these vital life skills. It is necessary for all involved -- athletes, coaches, and administration -- to understand the intrinsic value of sport participation in order for the athletic programs at North Central University to achieve its real purpose.

The intended end results of the sport experience at North Central University are:

Ø  To learn and apply Christian character and to experience personal growth.

Ø  To develop ways to use sport as a channel to impact others.

Ø  To improve and advance individual sport skill.

Ø  To compete primarily for the love and enjoyment of the sport.

Ø  To enhance and promote the image of North Central University