Rams Assist InnerCity Tennis at Kidspeed Event

Rams Assist InnerCity Tennis at Kidspeed Event

MINNEAPOLIS-- Rams Tennis participated in a community outreach event hosted by InnerCity Tennis on December 10. Players from the men's and women's teams volunteered at Kidspeed, a fast-paced, dynamic exercise event for kids age 3-10 designed to inspire a love of physical activity and teamwork.

Kidspeed participants move through different stations learning a different skill or movement pattern at their own pace with input from coaches or volunteers. Groups rotate every seven minutes to keep things fresh and fast-paced, creating a chance to sample elements of many different sports and activities.

InnerCity Tennis hosts Kidspeed events at their Minneapolis tennis facility with hopes of exposing kids to success in physical activities so they find inspiration to continue being active. Stations are designed to challenge kids while allowing them to experience improvement under the eye of coaches and volunteers who assist as needed in an open play format.

North Central athletes enaged with the kids at each station as they learned by participation, a key element of the program developed by Search Institute. This program helps development that young people need to become successful and contributing adults in the future. It proved to be a great fit for the Rams student athletes.

"Our student athletes were so engaging with the kids." Said first year head coach Carin Tuff. "I was amazed by their ability to engage and have fun while serving."

Because tennis may not be popular activity in every social circle, InnerCity Tennis uses the Kidspeed events as an opportunity to let kids learn athletic skill elements useful in the game of tennis. That exposure at an event hosted by a tennis organization often draws kids to try out tennis for the first time.

The mission of InnerCity Tennis is to develop and unleash the potential of youth on and off the tennis court by engaging and serving a supportive community. 

For more information on InnerCity Tennis visit their website at http://www.innercitytennis.org/

The Rams will open their match schedule on Friday, March 16 at Saint Mary's University (Winona, Minn.).