National Girls and Women in Sports Day Featuring Ali Cornelius

National Girls and Women in Sports Day Featuring Ali Cornelius

Name: Ali Cornelius

Sports: Softball

Hometown: Milaca, Minn.

February 7, 2018 is the 32nd Annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day across America sponsored by the Women's Sports Foundation with the theme of 'Play Fair, Play IX.' The importance of the day is to celebrate the achievements of females and to highlight the positive influence sports and athletic participation has had in girls and women in sports. Freshman Ali Cornelius sat down with us and shared her experiences as a female athlete.

NCURAMS.COM: What sports have you played? What is your current sport at North Central?

I have played volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, and softball. My current sport is softball at NCU.

NCURAMS.COM: How did you become involved with athletics/sports?

My parents got me involved with sports at q very young age. I loved it, so I continued to be involved. It became a huge part of my life.

NCURAMS.COM: Who – if anyone – has shaped your athletic career?

My parents, Dad, was a huge part of shaping me to the softball player I am today. 

NCURAMS.COM: What is something you have learned as a result of participating in athletics?

You may be playing the sport you love. You may be successful too, but do it in a way that gives God the glory. 

NCURAMS.COM: What do you think of the current landscape of female sports both amateur and professional levels?

I don't think people give women's sports enough credit and support they need at any level.

NCURAMS.COM: Who is your sport idol and why?

Larry Fitzgerald, he struggled with the same I problem that I have. He took the same vision therapy that I am doing. He finished vision therapy and came out way more successful, once he overcame his problem.

NCURAMS.COM: What advice would you give to your younger self as it relates to athletics? How would you encourage a young female who wanted to play sports?

Never take a second of the sport you love for granted. You may have set backs, moments where you want to give up, or people telling you you can't.  You can do anything you set your mind too.